About us

Why was EDUin established?


  • there is no organization that is focused on systematic propagation of education

–  we want to provide the public with an overview of everything that is happening in education.

  • the topic of education appears in the media time to time, but there is no regular, prompt and independent commenting on events in schools and education – therefore we want to bring such comments with the assistance of many experts.
  • the public learns about education in a form which is difficult to understand – therefore we want to bring current issues and trends in education in a form that is comprehensible to non-professionals.
  • there is a lot of interesting information among professionals which brings various perspectives on education, but the general public is not familiar with it –  we want to disseminate such information and popularize the results of researches and studies.
  • the politicians usually pay only marginal attention to the topic of education and do not feel the need to give it high priority – therefore we want to provide the public (voters) with unbiased information so that they can have an idea of what to demand from their representatives.
  • there has been a reform of education at schools running for several years but it becomes apparent that its contents and goals are not fully understood – therefore we want to explain the nature of the changesin an easy manner and show examples of good practice that prove that “it works”.
  • experience from other countries shows that the change leading to higher efficiency of the education system is possible but we have to give it some time and we must understand it – therefore we want to create opportunities for public dialogue on the issue of education. And finally, because education concerns us all.

What does EDUin deal with?

  • we focus on education issues and our effort is to inform the public about everything that’s happening in education and is important
  • we provide the general public with available information in an understandable and interesting way explaining how and why our schools are changing, how we all learn, not just our children.
  • we connect experts from various fields who deal with the subject of education and human resource development and have inspiring ideas.
  • we promote the results of researches and studies and introduce them to the general public in an engaging and comprehensible form.

Who collaborates with EDUin?

  • people who are interested in the topic of education and they are not indifferent to what is happening in our education
  • people who want to participate actively in changing the character of education and the school system
  • experts from various fields ranging from education, psychology, media, sociology, PR to specialists in human resource development and company managers
  • organizations that are interested in promoting common ideas
  • volunteers who help with our projects

How does EDUin work?

  • we are an independent organization promoting objectivity and openness
  • our financial portfolio consists of multiple sources – grants, CSR, private donations, self-financing projects
  • the core of the organization is a small team cooperating with local groups and individuals who take care of individual projects and activities
  • we operate as a network not as a hierarchy

Where does EDUin carry out its activities?

  • we operate in the media, on the Internet, through personal meetings
  • we realize activities with partners who are interested in cooperation in places that can naturally become edu-centers (libraries, schools, cultural facilities, education centers, etc.)

Information brochure about EDUin (in Czech) can be downloaded HERE.

Activities and Projects


We follow current events connected to the school system and education and regularly comment on them. We publish news, press releases, write comments, contact the media, prepare multimedia messages. We strive to offer current information and balanced views. Our target groups are journalists who provide information services and the wider public, for whom we prepare various types of media messages, eg. a weekly newsletter called bEDUin.


Eduína is a prize. It was founded in 2013 and its aim is to reward innovative projects and approaches in education. It does not focus only on the sphere of formal education, it is possible to nominate any project or initiative that brings something new, but it has already proved successful functioning for at least a year. Prizes are announced in several categories. The first year rewarded projects in these categories: Prize of the Expert Jury, Price of Google for the Use of Technology in Education and Prize of the Public. The conditions and the results of the first year of the competition can be seen here (in Czech). Next year will be announced in June.

Parents Welcome

Project for schools and parents. Its purpose is to promote the development of good cooperation and communication between schools and students‘ parents and provide inspiration and examples of good practice from the field. EDUin grants “Parents Welcome” brand to schools meeting certain criteria and motivates them to continue working on this issue. More about the project, a map of participating schools and further information can be obtained here (in Czech).

Extra Class

Program for all schools in the country. Pupils from 7th to 9th grades of the schools involved have an opportunity to obtain a grant and create and implement their own project which will enrich the life of the local community and will have a positive impact on life in their village or town. With the help of their teacher (patron of the project), pupils design, plan and realize the project. The program has its own, completely original and well worked-out methodology for schools. More information about the program can be found here (in Czech).

Cities of Education

The project, which aims to improve the quality of education in the regions. We want to help the representatives of municipalities specify priorities in education and find a strategy to gradually implement them. We help with networking individual important representatives of various sectors and the development of local partnerships that should in a long-term horizon support setting educational strategy. The project focuses on the theme of education in the broadest sense (formal and informal) and uses all the mechanisms and institutions that are connected to education (schools, libraries, children and youth centers, theaters, educational organizations etc.). More information about the methodology of the project can be found here (in Czech).

I want to Teach

“I want to Teach” project supports the teaching profession, it helps teachers teach better and looks for ways to make teaching a prestigious and valued profession. Website chciucit.cz, which is a part of the project, presents inspirational teacher personalities in a form of short films. As well, we intend to present information on how to bring new and interesting people to the teaching profession. We want to help solve the issue of increasing the credit of the teaching profession in the Czech Republic and also promote the personal involvement of individuals who can contribute to improving the quality of education.

What I Can Do

“What I Can Do” is an online application created for children, their parents and teachers, designed to monitor and record the development of the skills of a child. The most important goal is the positive motivation for further self-development. The main constituent is a portfolio, in which the „evidence“ of child’s performance in all areas is stored (i.e. from school and from the outside of the school). This evidence may take various forms: photos, videos, text documents, audio recordings, as well as a digital badge. The tool works with both self-assessment and planning. From the stored evidence the child can create selections for different occasions (eg. for grandparents, for entrance exams, etc.). The tool also includes a diagnostic module that by the means of a graph shows the evenness of personality development in eight monitored areas. More here (in Czech).

The Czech Republic is Talking about Education

This campaign, which ran from January to June 2013, created opportunities for public debate on education in the Czech Republic. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage refining objectives of education in the Czech Republic and to set a greater stability of educational policy so that it would not change with every new minister of education. During the campaign there were various types of events (round tables, workshops, open events, information campaigns, etc.) for different target groups (general public, professionals, educators, politicians etc.). The highlight of the campaign should be a recommendation of appropriate measures communicated among politicians and the Ministry of Education. More about the campaign you can find here (in Czech).


DVPP.info” is a web portal that maps the offer of various educators. Teachers have an opportunity to find events according to their own focus on this website. The portal is unique because it gathers the wide range of educational offer at one place.

Open education

Project’s goal is to support open education. That’s why we are running website www.otevrenevzdelavani.cz where are published news related to OER (open education resources), list of free of charge and open resources, calendar of relevant events and press releases popularizing this issue among journalists. We have initiated foundation of Alliance for open education http://otevrenevzdelavani.cz/aliance-ov/ including approximately 100 organizations and individuals signed Open education statment http://otevrenevzdelavani.cz/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Charta_Aliance_pro_otevrene_vzdelavani-1.pdf. Alliance committed to promote issue publicly and advocate it in debate with decision makers and responsible institutions. We promote and popularize this issue via events, materials and media communication. We try to proselytize open education ideas through the Facebook group established for this purpose https://www.facebook.com/groups/otevrenevzdelavani/?fref=ts . Every year we cooperate with other participants on the Open education week. We cooperate tightly with foreign partners. Project is financially supported by Open Society Foundation.


EDUpoint is place purported to meet and share innovative education ideas. Program is developed and provided in cooperation with Scout Institute in very heart of Prague, Old town square. Our common goal is to make time and space for personal meeting, workshops, lectures and through this events encourage innovations and networking. We provide 4 events regularly every week. Each of them is focused on different target group. Otevřená třída (Open classroom) address parents and children as well as teachers and shows through the samples of teaching some of new – hands on – educational approaches and methods. Akvárium (Aquarium) targets experts and wide public as well. It is propelling debate on actual education issues. Peďák+ („peďák“ is shortcut to „Pedagogical faculty“) attracting current teachers and students of pedagogical studies. It is showcase of up-to-date and important teacher’s themes sometimes ignored in Czech pedagogical studies. Debata s oponenty (Debate with opponents) is designed to clarify different stances to actual education topics. Besides regular program, EDUpoint brings some of another events provided by EDUin. Together with regional partners we are  successfully spreading concept of EDUpoints across towns in Czech Republic.


The official address of the company:

EDUin, o. p. s., EDUin, o. p. s., Bucharova 2928/14a, 158 00 Praha 5 – Stodůlky (The Czech Republic)

IN: 24706370

Contact address: EDUin, o. p. s., Staroměstské náměstí 4/1, 110 00 Praha 1 (The Czech Republic)

Contact e-mail: info (at) eduin.cz

The account number of the organization:

Fio banka: 2100235180/2010

Chief Executive Officer:

Zdeněk Slejška, e-mail: zdenek.slejska (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 605 967 368

Expert Consultant

Tomáš Feřtek, e-mail: tomas.fertek (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 602 687 016

Head of Communications

Bohumil Kartous, e-mail: bob.kartous (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 607 727 370


Head of Services and Education

Miroslav Hřebecký, e-mail: miroslav.hrebecky (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 777 230 849

Coordinator of Volunteers and Project Specialist

Michal Kaderka, e-mail: michal.kaderka (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 777 879 481

Coordinator of Open Education and EDUpoint Prague

Tamara Kováčová, e-mail: tamara.kovacova (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 603 942 437

Editor of EDUin Websites

Kateřina Lánská, e-mail: katerina.lanska (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 775 632 033

Coordinator of dvpp.info

Richard Lukáš, e-mail: richard.lukas (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 728 311 054

Head of EDUin Programs

Silvie Pýchová, e-mail: silvie.pychova (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 607 123 568

Coordinator of ‚Cities of Education‘ Project and ‚Extra Class‘ Program

Iva Mawlood Tahová, e-mail: iva.tahova (at) eduin.cz

GSM: +420 778 001 701

EDUin  Volunteers:

Andrea Gardoňová, Barbora Vavřínová, Zdeňka Sobotová, Anežka Dvořáková, Markéta Čonková, Andrea Csirke, Irena Šovčíková, Petra Javorková, Michal Kaderka, Iva Koutná, Mariana Koutská, Radka Slámová, Bohuslav Sedláček, Oldřich Suchoradský, Klára Šalamounová, Barbora Tichavová, Dana Tutková, Jiří Valach, Veronika Macíková, Josef Zemek, Magdaléna Zeroníková, Zdeňka Špidlová, Pavla Chyská, Teresa Tipton, Veronika Skálová, Jana Holčapková, Jana Frödová, Kristýna Fantová, Marek Zlatník, Kamil Uhlíř, Kateřina Kaderová, Lenka Vydrová, Veronika Frelichová, Zdeňka Šimůnková, Barbora Vobořilová, Adéla Kovácsová, Hana Palejová, Jana Rubešová, Adéla Zvolánková, Jana Šindlerová, Monika Kadaňková, Alena Sladkovská, Kristina Zubková, Lenka Brusová, Ester Koňařová, Helena Naňáková a Daniel Beránek.